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RICS launches its global Vision for Cities policy programme

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 12:10 No Comments

Vision for Cities: Planning and delivering urban infrastructure to achieve sustainable growth is the the first-stage discussion paper for the RICS Vision for Cities work programme, it was launched on Wednesday 17 March at an RICS-hosted seminar Spotting the Trends: Shaping the Cities of the Future held at MIPIM – an international real estate fair […]

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The Nomadic City Appropriates the Street…

Monday, February 15, 2010 16:42 19 Comments

…and disrupts its grid¹ Solomon Benjamin ‘Developmentalism’ is now a morbid zeal, mobilized to survey, to GIS, to digitize, to research, and colonize ‘Third World Cities.’ And in this zeal, lies the panoptic desire to turn the steel frame of the Nation State into The Grid and the Rule of Law, the Master Plan that […]

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10.000 Flowers: a kaleidoscopic vision of Beijing

Monday, January 18, 2010 18:02 2 Comments

The video Installation ’10,000 Flowers’ by architect Neville Mars, director of the Dynamic City Foundation was recently exhibited on a at the 2009 Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale urbanism/architecture in December. 10.000 Flowers, 2009, image taken from 10.000 Flowers is an artistic production of 5 films projected in loop on a 20mt video […]

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Reinventing a Megacity: São Paulo Diagonal Sul strategic proposal

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 12:00 No Comments

Carlos Leite, Bernd Rieger and Eduardo della Manna devised a strategic masterplan, for a major Brownfield redevelopment in São Paulo. The plan deploys the potential of high quality urban design to function on a granular level. Social inclusion, public participation and integrated mobility are the core of this vision for reinventing a megacity. What follows […]

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New Spatialism: Reclaiming Social Space In Web Media

Thursday, May 14, 2009 10:58 2 Comments

Posted by Cluster originally posted by Stowe Boyd on /message STOWE BOYD, well-known media subversive, and an internationally recognized authority on real-time, collaborative and social technologies recently wrote an article on his blog /message entitled “New Spatialism: Reclaiming Social Space in web Media” he uses an analogy from city planning and architecture to illustrate his […]

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