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Revising the Systems: RIEAch and the Commitment to Knowledge Production

Monday, June 7, 2010 17:10 4 Comments

Per-Johan Dahl Social space implies a great diversity of knowledge.¹Henri Lefebvre left: Bachelor students working in the “Fullskalelab” at Lund Institute of Technology; top right: Spatial investigations by Bachelor Students at Lund Institute of Technology, School of Architecture; bottom right: School of Architecture Model by Masters Students at the Sustainable Urban Design program, Lund Institute […]

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A Conversation About Thinking Design for Systemic Solutions

Monday, December 21, 2009 16:39 13 Comments

Interdisciplinary collaboration and rapid prototyping for design-driven innovation at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design It is widely acknowledged that design is a powerful tool for changing human behaviour and shaping our environment. This realization has revolutionized the design sector in recent years, not only offering innovative business models and opportunities for post industrial economies […]

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