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Marcia Caines was born in England in 1974. She lives and works in Turin, Italy. She was an editor and translator for Cluster magazine since its foundation in 2002 until its last and seventh issue in 2008.
Since 2009 project coordinator of the cultural association Cluster for innovation (Associazione Cluster per l’innovazione) and editor of


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Articles, reviews and interviews on Cluster:

Spatial Agency: a conversation with Tatjana Schneider on architecture as a quietly revolutionary practice
Lagos: will Service Innovation Secure the Future of Nollywood?
Taipei seeks to make cities smarter with a new model of urban development and a global call for solutions
Interview with Anette Scheibe of Kista Science City: from Fossil Fuels to Intelligent Transport Solutions ‘the Stockholm way’
Art without Buildings: Q&A with the director of the MINI Museum of XXI century art
Connecting Cities: an interview with Sascha Haselmayer
The 2010 London Design Festival: creativity by design

A Conversation on Failure in Design
Jardin Mandala by Gilles Clément: giving cities back to nature
In Between Chairs at the Milan Furniture Fair 2010
Mipim 2010: Visions for City Futures from Cannes
Lessons in Learning for the Future Prosperity of Cities
A Conversation About Thinking Design for Systemic Solutions
Acclair Art Valuation Service: a fairer way to value art
Reflections from the Design for Good Seminar
Index Award: a design award scheme that makes ‘useful’ design a tangible reality
Same, Same but Different: DMY 2009
Interview With ‘Eating Designer’ Marije Vogelzang at DMY 2009
Mipim 2009: Cities and Regions and Architecture
Outside In: interview with John F Simon Jr
Vertical Density and High-Rise Development
Design Revolution or Social Revolution Reflections from Saint Etienne – Edited by Mark Vanderbeeken of Experientia
The Best Design Policies Are Local: A review of the Shaping the Global Design Agenda Conference – Review by Mark Vanderbeeken of Experientia and Marcia Caines
Vertical Density and High-Rise Development
Asia Media and the Tiger Interview with Indrajit Banerjee (eng/ita)
Jumping the City interview with David Belle founder of Parkour (eng/ita)
Jambo World! (eng/ita)
Intelligent Surfaces (Eng/ita)