Regular column by RIEA – Research Institute for Experimental Architecture

RIEA.ch is an international institution based in Bern, with the purpose of advancing experimentation and research in the field of Experimental Architecture, in response to changing political, economic, technological and cultural conditions in the contemporary world.

RIEA.ch researches new territories of space and species of inhabitation. The institute promotes a type of experimentation that deals with the concept, perception and process of architecture and urbanism. It operates outside the well-established rules and classifications of academic and professional architectural discourses and practices.

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The “What Does It Mean?” section will feature posts, writings, and essays that explores the disciplinary status and the placement within the discourse of Experimental Architecture, covering theory, practice and education. The Area will host dialogues and interviews with scholars and researchers in architecture and related fields, aiming for provoking the emergence of new fields of work and original path of thoughts for Experimental Architecture.
The section will also be dedicated to the dissemination of RIEA events, activities and projects such as conferences, workshops, competitions, and books.

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