Papers, interviews and articles on monographic themes identified by Cluster and explored with selected authors. It is intended as area of analysis and thought development on specific issues related to city, design and innovation.


The French Ecological Revolution: What Are the Future Prospects for Ecological Politics? (eng/it)
Alessandro Mengozzi

LIKE RATS (eng/it)
A paper on Democracy, Sustainability and the Urban Form

Adrian Hornsby

Design in Urban Democracy: a Question of Survival? (eng/it)
Urban dynamics dissected by John Thackara and Sunil Abraham; questions and answers on the anatomy of cities
J. Thackara & S. Abraham

Democracy Biennial
In occasion of the 1st edition of the Democracy Biennial Cluster, invites Sunil Abraham, founder of Mahiti and co-founder of the Centre of Internet and Society, to speak at the conference “Housing the Democratic City”

Video: conference 25/04/09
Panel discussion ‘Internet and Deliberative Democracy’ speakers: Sunil Abraham (Centre of Internet and Society), Phillippe Aigrain (Sopinspace), and Prof. Mario Losano (jurist, Univ. Piemonte Orientale) moderated by J.C. De martin (NEXA Center for Internet and Society)

Video: conference 26/04/09
Panel Discussion ‘Housing the Democratic City’ speakers Arch. Bill Dunster, Arch.Cino Zucchi and Sunil Abraham, moderator Pier Giorgio Turi (Architects Association of Torino)


Urbanization at the heart of the economy: the role of cities in economic development (eng)
Vinicius de Moraes Netto

The Janus Face of Urban Planning (eng)
Comparing New Knowledge and Informal Networks in Four Cities
Tim Campbell

Torino Città che Impara (it)
Tim Campbell tradotto da Dott. Giordano Vintaloro

The Nomadic City Appropriates the Street…and Disrupts Its Grid (eng)
Occupancy Urbanism is magical! A journey through the thoroughfares and marketplaces of cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Dehli in India, DougGoun, Shenzen and Guangzhou in China, Eilat in Israel and Toronto in Canada, and invoking quotations from Walter Benjamin and Aisa Lijacs in Naples along the way

Solomon Benjamin

Reinventing a Megacity: São Paulo Diagonal Sul strategic proposal An unedited version of the strategic masterplan by Carlos Leite, Bernd Rieger and Eduardo della Manna devised for a major Brownfield redevelopment in São Paulo. The plan deploys the potential of high quality urban design to function on a granular level
Carlos Leite

Exploring the Constraints and Opportunities to Deliver High Quality Design in the City’s Major Urban Projects (eng)
Carlos Leite

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The Memory of the Memories (eng)
Walter Aprile

Stitching Memory (eng)
Silvia Maglioni

La Rinascita di Sarajevo (it)
Giulia Vola


Generating Cities from the Bottom-Up (eng/it)
Michael Batty

Leading the Successful City (eng/it)
Greg Clark

Metròpoles Brasileiras (eng/it)
Erminia Maricato

Transmitting Architecture: The Transphysical City (eng/it)
Marcos Novak

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Shanghai Expo 2010: Designing Better Cities(eng)
Yanina Guerzovich

In Between Chairs at the Milan Furniture Fair 2010 (eng)
Marcia Caines

MIPIM 2010: visions for city futures from Cannes (eng)
Marcia Caines

Lessons in Learning for the Future Prosperity of Cities (eng)
Marcia Caines

Designing for the Future: from Singapore in 2050 via Copenhagen, ‘à la co-creation’ (eng)
Alok Nandi

Reflections from the ‘Designing for Good’ Seminar (eng)
Marcia Caines

INDEX:Award: a Design Award Scheme that Makes ‘Useful’ Design a Tangible Reality(eng)
Marcia Caines

Same, Same but Different: DMY 2009 (eng)
Marcia Caines

Mipim 2009: Cities and Regions, Architecture and Architects (eng)
Marcia Caines

Design Revolution or Social Revolution? Reflections from Saint-Etienne (eng)
Marcia Caines edited by Mark Vanderbeeken

The Best Design Policies Are Local: a Review of the ‘Shaping the Global Design Agenda’ Conference (eng)
Marcia Caines & Mark Vanderbeeken

The 11° International Architecture Exhibition Opens in Venice (eng/it)
Federico De Giuli