Radical Reconstruction

Friday, March 18, 2011 18:36

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Title: Radical Reconstruction
Place: Sarajevo 43°52′0″N 18°25′0″E
Type: Project

Architect: Lebbeus Woods
Date: 1997
Description:The work by Lebbeus Woods collects a series of drawings and writings exploring a visionary proposal for reconstructing the city of Sarajevo, severely damaged during the siege that took place from 1992 to 1996 during the war that tore apart former Jugoslavia.


The state of crisis brought by the conflict and the erasure of former urban tissue provide the conceptual ground for an architecture that refuses every conventional idea of reconstruction.

The new structures are based on the concept of heterarchy and are the result of operations, such as injection and scab, that keep memory of the dramatic event while turning the crisis condition into an opportunity to radically change the way a city is built and inhabited.

img1Scar (source: 2)

Lebbeus Woods stayed in Sarjevo on various occasions before, during and after the siege.

img2Scab (source: 2)

And among the interventions he proposed are:
✪ a defensive, and inhabitable, wall to be constructed to protect Bosnia

img3The Wall (source: 1)

 ✪ the reconstruction of the damaged Parliament

img4The Parliament Building (source: 1)

✪ the high houses, suspended structures reclaiming the airspace, once occupied by artillery shells, for the people of the city

img6High Houses (source: 1)

✪ the Electrical Management Building reconstruction, based on the dialectic between the restoration of part of the building and the construction of a freespace occupying the bombed part of the building

img5Electrical management building (source: 1)

Bibliography: Lebbeus Woods, Radical Reconstruction, Princeton Architectural Press, New York 1997
Web: www.lebbeuswoods.net
lebbeuswoods.wordpress.com (1)
historyofourworld.wordpress.com/2009/11/18/lebbeus-woods-radical-reconstruction/  (2)

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