IF… Innovation Festival: events in Milan and Kortrijk

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:22


IF… is a European innovation festival organized under the auspices of Pro Inno Europe which takes place across six European cities: Barcelona, Milan, Kortrijk, Lisbon, Vilnius and Tallinn.

The mission of the festival is to celebrate innovation and creativity within the participating cities and to mobilize their citizens, youth, businesses, researchers and other regional players to broaden their minds and be part of a multiple events that will not only showcase excellence and innovativeness but also address important societal challenges such as boosting creativity, tackling climate change or decreasing mobility barriers in urban environment.

The Innovation Festivals in Milano and Kortrijk are scheduled to kick-off! Starting with IF… Milano on the 6th October, followed by IF… Kortrijk on the 8th of October. Numerous events will take place, ranging from exhibitions to a great variety of workshops, from business networking events to conferences.

IF… Milano: life improving innovation
The themes of the IF Milan: life improving innovation (6 – 11 October 2010) will be ICT, food, energy and transportation, architecture and design and the target will be the widest audience, from children to the elderly, professional and non, from the public, private and educational sectors, starting from the consideration that everybody could be an innovator and everybody is concerned everyday with innovation. Information on lectures, conferences and events, a can be found online.

IF… Kortrijk: WHAT IF
The title of IF innovation festival of Kortrijk, Brussels (8 – 25 October 2010) is WHAT IF and aims to open a dialogue with the public at large on new approaches and possibilities in the area of interior design, no longer with the accent on the artistic and aesthetic aspects, but as a way of thinking and designing innovatively that will contribute to more sustainable production and consumption processes.

The festival will introduce a new concept on design and sustainability, conceived by Thomas Lommée, tutor at the Design Academy Eindhoven, illustrated in an exhibition Yes! We’re Open. Based on the open-source systems of the Internet (for instance Wikipedia, Drupal,..), Lommée has developed an open-design model, where consumers, designers and producers think together about design, and where they design a consumption/production model in which design is interconnected.

During the Innovation Festival, workshops will be organised bytimelab, lectures with amongst others John Thackara, and a continuous open-source meeting point where knowledge is shared and generated.

The event programme and details are available here

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