The role of art in placemaking

Thursday, August 26, 2010 16:50

urban-interventions_01_coverIn a review of Urban Interventions – Personal Projects in Public Spaces, Regine Debatty of We Make Money Not Art writes that as well as being “surprising, fun and delightful” the publication also reveals how artists play an important role in placemaking. By bringing places alive the artwork featured in the book compels us to contemplate the social relevance of civic space and how it is governed.

“The book puts urban creative experiments into the wider and rather distressing context of worldwide urbanization…Fortunately, artists, designers and activists are bringing cities back to a more human scale by adopting an anti-authoritarian approach and using the city as their playground and canvas. Their subversive, humorous approach reminds us that the city shouldn’t be left solely into the hands of leaders, urban policymakers and architects”

Urban Interventions, edited by Robert Klanten and Matthias Huebner, features a 200 projects of both established and lesser-known artists, activists and preformers from cities worldwide and “challenges us to question if the cities we have are the cities we need while adding a touch of magic to mundane places and situations.”

Read the review here

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    Cluster | City – Design – Innovation » The role of art in placemaking

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    Grāmata par mākslas un mākslinieka lomu pilsētas vides veidošanā. The role of art in placemaking

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