Drinking water for Haiti: Please Help!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 18:09

Images Courtesy Vestergaard Frandsen

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Cluster is supporting a project to help give earthquake victims in Haiti access to safe drinking water – which we think is a very good idea! The humanitarian crisis in Haiti will long outlive the earthquake that struck on January 12 2010; thirst, hunger and disease are rife, food and water supplies are scarce and survivors are highly exposed to the risk of contracting waterborne diseases through the intake of contaminated water.

Haiti is more in need of help than ever before.

Drinking Water for Haiti aims to help by donating at least 500 units of LifeStraw to the Haitian people to provide safe drinking water and contain the spread of life-threatening disease among survivors.

The award winning LifeStraw is a 10 inch practical, portable plastic straw (cylinder) that uses advanced technology to convert dirty water into drinking water by filtering out and killing bacteria as they are sucked up the tube.

Simple to use and light in weight Lifestraw is easy to distribute and can be carried around for use outside the home, it doesn’t require any electrical power and has a longevity of approximately one year (based on a consumption of 2 litres of water/day).


The LifeStraw, was designed in 2005 by a European company Vestergaard Frandsen in response to chronic and to acute issues of contaminated drinking water causing diarrheal disease. The product immediately gained recognition for its effective design through important design awards, the the first among them the 2005 INDEX: design to improve life award, since then it has been implemented successfully on a global scale for example in Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis and in Earthquake zones in Asia, it is also in consistent use in other areas of the world where clean water supplies are insufficient.

Vestergaard Frandsen is a European company specialized in complex emergency response and disease-control products. The company operates under a unique Humanitarian Entrepreneurship business model:“profit for a purpose”. Vestergaard Frandsen was founded in 1957 and has evolved into a multinational leader focused on helping to achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

Please help: Donate or spread the word
Safe water interventions have vast potential to transform the lives of millions of people. Water filtration tools not only provide safe drinking water but also have a positive health impact on the most vulnerable populations: young children, pregnant women and those with debilitated immune systems.

The goal of this project is to raise funds to donate at least 500 units of LifeStraw to the Haitian people; to achieve this we need to pledge 3500 dollars (USD) by February 28 2010.

Donations can be made on our website with Paypal or via wire transfer at drinking water for haiti
You can also support our project by spreading the word, adding our logo to your website or blog and joining our page on Facebook. All info. on drinking water for haiti

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*Cluster is registered as a non-profit cultural association (l’Associazione Cluster per l’innovazione) and is therefore authorized to collect donations for charities. For any questions or queries please write to redazione@cluster.eu

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    drinking water for Haiti – pls. help bring clean water to earthquake victims http://tiny.cc/N2PUr

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    RT @chofang: Drinking water for Haiti: Please Help! http://bit.ly/dchIr7 #chofang

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    Italian community group raising awareness about need for safe drinking water in Haiti and fundraising for LifeStraw: http://bit.ly/aGS7OY

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