Urban Age Istanbul: City Survey and Conference

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 14:20

“Happy with their city and satisfied with their administration, Istanbul residents share some universal concerns”


Urban Age Istanbul Survey
Urban Age, a worldwide investigation into the future of cities, has released the initial results of the Urban Age Istanbul Survey.

Key findings for Istanbul from commissioned city survey:
* Top three reasons residents like Istanbul: job opportunities, health services and schools;
* Traffic congestion is the number one concern for Istanbul residents, followed by crime rates and the cost of living;
* Over 50% of residents said public transport is key to reducing congestion, with roughly two-thirds satisfied with the city’s metrobus, subway, tramway, ferries, trains and bus;
* Over 50% of residents walk as their primary means of travel;
* Only 7% said constructing more roads and highways would solve transport problems;
* Close to half the men interviewed said that their workplace was their main daily destination, while for women this figure is 13%;
* 74% of Istanbul residents are afraid of being mugged or physically attacked. This number is 47% in São Paulo, and 38% in London;
* Over 57% are aware of climate change, the top concern being water shortages (81%)
* 72% are already reducing water and energy consumption, nearly half are recycling waste;
* 65% are satisfied with local government, only 44% in London and 29% in São Paulo;
* Residents said the top three ways to improve the quality of life in Istanbul are by working on education, the environment and traffic.

Istanbul Conference November 4-6 2009
Following a year of in-depth research, the Urban Age Istanbul Conference confronts the social, spatial, economic, political and environmental narratives of contemporary urban life. Participants include architect Richard Rogers; sociologist Çağlar Keyder; Josef Ackerman, Deutsche Bank; New York transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan; Kemal Derviş, Brookings Institute; political economist Saskia Sassen; planning professor İlhan Tekeli; and sociologist Richard Sennett.

The complete Urban Age Istanbul Survey in English and Italian can be downloaded in pdf here

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