Peripherical Landscapes: Mexico’s Informal Urban Development

Thursday, September 24, 2009 17:10

Peripheral Landscapes, by architects and multimedia designers Sarah Lorenzen, David Hartwell of Plasmatic Concepts was shown on Saturday July 11 2009 at the 9th edition of the Beyond Media Festival: Visions

The video captures how informal urban development in Mexico City is changing the city in both its social and economic dynamics as well as in the production of urban space and everyday experience.

It is estimated that over 60% of Mexico City’s urban form originated through a process of informality. Plastic Concept’s video uses a mix of aerial and ground level photographs of the area, and overlays them with polemic statements and statistics about the city’s growth.

Peripherical Landscapes by Plastic Concepts (Sarah Lorenzen, David Hartwell)
Additional credits:
collaborator: Arquitectura 911sc, Mexico
music: Nortec Collective, Doctor Olive
other credits: Jose Castillo

via Beyond Media

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