Human Nature: Festival Ars Electronica 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 10:56
source: Korherr/Jalsovec

source: Korherr/Jalsovec

Ars Electronica is a thirty-year-old annual festival of art, technology and society that takes place in Linz, Austria. The theme of this year’s edition is Human Nature.

In their words:”This HUMAN NATURE will occupy the focal point at the next Ars Electronica Festival September 3-8, 2009 amidst a mix of speculative futuristic designs and provocative actionism, philosophical debate and analytical scrutiny. Thirty years after its founding, profound human curiosity is still the essential core of this global conclave’s approach, and we continue to intrepidly peer far into the future.In Ars Electronica’s signature fashion, this research will be carried out at an array of locations that go beyond classic conference venues and cultural spaces to pervade the entire cityscape. For the first time, the epicenter of these activities will be the new Ars Electronica Center that debuted on January 2, 2009.”
For event information and full programme visit the Ars website

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