‘Case Studies’ at L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht in Frankfurt

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 15:15


© Oliver Boberg, Large Slum 2, 2008, Computer drawing, 110 x 236cm. Courtesy of L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht

The L.A. Galerie Lothar in Frankfurt is currently hosting an exhibition entitled ‘CASE STUDIES’. The exhibition displays recent work developed by two of the gallery’s veteran artists, Peter Bialobrzeski and Oliver Boberg, on buildings in poor urban neighbourhoods in the Southern hemisphere.

Peter Bialobrzeski shot the photographs “Case Study Homes” at the Baseco Compound (Bataan Shipyard Corporation Compound), a squatter camp located at the mouth of the River Pasig near the Port of Manila, in February 2008.


© Peter Bialobrzeski, “Case Study Homes”, 2008 c-prints, each 22 x 27 cm. Courtesy of L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht
Bialobrezeski’s portrait like approach to documenting slum dwellings; single buildings, slanted front views and even lighting succeeds in portraying both the substandard living conditions of slum constructions and the anarchical, piratic and improvised appearance of them that goes beyond walls and roofs and enhances their spontaneous and creative character.

Oliver Boberg uses different techniques: photography, film, building and Photoshop drawing and has actually built models that he then photographs and uses in film sequences. The result is the most idyllic imagery of slum dwellings ever seen, which plays with the viewer’s mind and is often contrary to expectations. Thought provoking in its incongruence, Boberg’s work forces us to consider the indisputable creative capacity of the anonymous builders as a source of inspiration for contemporary architecture.


© Peter Bialobrzeski, “Case Study Homes”, 2008 c-prints, each 22 x 27 cm. Courtesy of L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht
Gallery opening hours: Tue-Fri 12.00 -19.00 Sat 11.00 16.00
The exhibition is running until the 23 May 2009
L.A. Galerie
Lothar Albrecht
Domstrasse 6
60311 Frankfurt

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