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The Berlage Institute Announces A Publishing Agreement With Nai Publishers

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 10:56


The Berlage Institute in Rotterdam has announced a long-term publishing agreement with NAi Publishers, an international publisher of books and journals on architecture and urbanism based in Rotterdam.

Both organizations anticipate the release of several lines of publications that will be developed under the editorial direction of Salomon Frausto, including a the book series Berlage Research Reports on Contemporary Urbanism, which will present selected research activities produced by the Berlage Institute. There will also be a re-launch of the reformatted journal Hunch. The first issue of the renewed Hunch, will be presented on Tuesday 23 March 2009 at the Berlage Institute.

The Dutch publishing house NAi Publishers specializes in international publications concerning architecture, urbanism, planning and the built environment, as well as design, photography and the arts. The Berlage Institute is an international post-academic laboratory for design-based research in architecture, urbanism and other issues related to the built environment.


Eelco van Welie, director of NAi Publishers expresses satisfaction over the agreement, ‘The Berlage Institute brings new and provocative thinking to the practice of architecture. Their research and theorizing is always based on urgent problems in the real world. I think it will strengthen our position as providers of quality content for the architecture community and its related fields of profession”

Bob Docter, general director of the Berlage Insitute, is excited about the prospects of further enriching the discourses of the built environment. ‘ In the coming years we aim to better situate the challenges of the contemporary Dutch built environment in an international perspective. This publishing relationship provided the opportunity to exchange and disseminate the richness of Dutch architecture and planning expertise in a broader context.

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