Editorial: Isn’t It All About Design?
Federico De Giuli

A Colophon N°7 – Transmitting Architecture

A Day in the Life of a Blogger Who Loves Paper
Regine Debatty

Nuage Vert
Helen Evans

Paris Mots D’emploi
Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson

Let the Transmitting Begin
Riccardo Bedrone

Architecture is for Everyone
Joseph Rykwert

The Sustainable City
Pier Giorgio Turi

The Landscape Of Tomorrow: When Architects Are No Longer Enough
Claudia Cassatella

Slum(E)Scape: Not Baling Out But Taking on a Challange Slum (E)Scape
Francesca De Filippi

Young Architects’ Responses to the Challenges of Tomorrow
Luca Molinari

The Quality of Life from Europe
Giulia Vola

Transmitting Architecture Revisited: on Occasion of the UIA World Congress 2008
Marcos Novak

Design in Urban Democracy: A Question of Survival
John Thackara – Sunil Abraham

Naked: Life, or the Vibrancy of Margins
Aldo Bonomi

The Chinese Dream – a Society Under Construction
Reviewed by Alessandra Paracchi

400 New Towns: a Fetish for Newness
Neville Mars

Dubai: Very Visible City
Shumon Basar

Brazil’s Megacities
Erminia Maricato

Global Capital and the Cities of the South
Arif Hasan

Deciphering City Futures
Edgar Pieterse

Small Is Beautiful
Loretta Napoleoni

Food Security Concerns in Africa: is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Samuel Muhunyu

Generating Cities from the Bottom-up: Using Complexity Theory for Effective Design
Michael Batty

Leading the Successful City
Greg Clark

Inclusive Community Building
Nathan Edelson

Development Tactics In Brazil: A New Credible System and a New Market Fit for Invesments
Guy Perry

Nathalie Depetro

Parco Spina 3, Investigating the Present Through the Past and the Future
Andreas Kipar

Beijing Torino Design Studio 2008
Gustavo Ambrosini – Michele Bonino – Pierre-Alain Croset

Media + Architecture
C.E.B. Reas

Design Overdose
Virginio Briatore

Flex Obsession: a New Mantra
Guta Guedes

Freedom And Restraint
Frederico Duarte

Torino Geodesign
Michele Aquila – Stefano Mirti

Design Centre: from Europe to Asia, the New Hubs of Innovation
Giuliano Molineri

Transparent Mobility
Sergio Pininfarina

Index: The Design Challenge that Endeavours to Improve Life
Federico De Giuli

Design Thinking
Arnold Wasserman

Luminous Digital Bacteria Creeping Out of Your Screen
Giulia Vola

The Aircraft of the Future
Piero Gondolo della Riva



Correction and clarifications

Issue VII Transmitting Architecture

Page. 24

UpDate “East” (Europe and Asia Strategies) magazine.
Does not have its editorial offices in Eastbourne, UK but in Milan, Italy.
The magazine East is in fact Published by Baldini Castoldi Dalai and headed by Vittorio Borelli, and supported by UniCredit group.
The magazine’s office website is: http://www.eastonline.it

UpDate “East” (Europe and Asia Strategies) magazine.
La redazione di East non ha sede a Eastbourne, UK ma a Milano in Italia.
La rivista è edita da Baldini Castoldi Dalai e diretta da Vittorio Borelli, e sostenuta da UniCredit group.
Il sito ufficiale della rivista è: http://www.eastonline.it

P.227 Article “The Design Challenge that Endeavours to Improve Life”

The comments incorrectly cited under the name “Hyang Eun Lee” are in fact by “PROF. SOON-IN LEE”, President of the Seoul Design Center, South Korea.
Il resoconto citato erroneamente sotto il nome di “Hyang Eun Lee” è stato scritto dal “PROF. SOON-IN LEE”, Presidente del Seoul Design Center, Corea del Sud.